About our logo

Symbolism in our Logo

The Peninsula Solidarity Cohort logo draws in a variety of religious and worldly concepts to create a graphic representation of intersectional solidarity, unity with diversity, additive power, and wielding organizational power for good.

Four overlapping circles in saffron, dark blue, green, and light blue. They become lighter in the overlapping portions. Each has two growing arcs radiating outward. Clockwise from top, they are labelled with sun, water, earth, and air.

The color palette is drawn from a variety of religious traditions.

Saffron found in Hindu and Buddhist traditions

True blue found in Judiac traditions.

Green found in Islamic traditions.

Sky blue found in Christian traditions.

The position of each color reflects the elements which sustain all life.

This shape, the chair, represents having a seat at the table where decisions are made.

A single circle with two arcs radiating out from the left side.
A single circle with two arcs radiating out from the right side.

This shape, the megaphone, represents having a voice in the community.

Together, the two shapes represent bringing people together to create solidarity and speak with a common voice.

A single circle with two arcs radiating out from both the right and the left sides.
Four overlapping circles, white with black outlines. The area where three circles overlaps are colored in black, showing a four-pointed shape which points in the cardinal directions.

The shape formed by overlapping circles, the compass, represents the mission of being a moral compass for San Mateo County.

Four colored circles, the same described in the first logo image.

As the colors overlap, they grow brighter. This additive color mixing represents the greater power that arises from working in solidarity.

Together, these elements form the image we use as a symbol of our mission and strength in diversity.

The completed logo, with the four colors circles and arcs radiating outward.