Police & Sheriff reform

Police & Sheriff Reform

Working with partners for law enforcement reform, oversight of police departments and the Sheriff’s Office, and racial justice across San Mateo County.

Deacon Lauren McCombs

Working Group


Lauren McCombs


  • Diane Fahrner
  • Nani Freedman
  • Joan Marie O’Donnell
  • Adriana Guzman
  • Tovis Page
  • Mary Graves

Cohort members attend a Board of Supervisors meeting to comment on a draft Use of Force policy.


  • 2021 Policing Forum
  • Spoke at Truth Act Forum in 2022 to pressure on Bolanos to stop cooperating with ICE; he publicly agreed to stop transfers the next day
  • Letter to Daly City CIty Council and City Manager re: Justice for Roger Allen
  • BOS Meeting supporting Fixin’ San Mateo and Civilian oversight of the Sheriff’s Office
  • Letter to BOS supporting oversight and inclusion of Fixin’ SMC on their study committee
  • Public comments supporting oversight at multiple BOS meetings
  • Letter to the San Mateo County Sheriff requesting that he arrange Implicit Bias Training for staff
  • Helped organize a press conference in support of Justice for Chinedu Okobi and the TRUTH Act
  • Subsequently published an article in the Daily Journal signed by 22 cohort members, calling for truth and transparency in the wake of the deaths of three men of color by taser in the span of a year
  • Cohort members spoke at several Board of Supervisors’ meetings in support of Justice for Chinedu and measures to end the use of excessive force by law enforcement
  • Cohort members spoke at a Taser Study Session, and helped organize a rally prior to the Study Session


Editorials from the Cohort in the San Mateo Daily Journal.

Sessions & Presentations

Cohort sessions with a focus on police & sheriff reform include the following:

  • Fixin’ San Mateo County on Oversight of the Sheriff in San Mateo County with Nancy Goodban and Jim Lawrence
  • Policing & Bias with Rebecca Hetey
  • State Violence / Theology of Ferguson with Rev. Ben McBride