Matters of Justice

Matters of Justice

As religious leaders we are reimagining ourselves and our identity as moral agents in public life. For many of us, this has meant a deepened realization of the power of racism and white dominance in shaping the suffering that lies at the center of so many of the issues around which we have organized—immigration, juvenile justice, education, housing, mass incarceration, islamophobia, transphobia, anti-semitism, and more.

Racial & Economic Justice

Through all our work, we put into action our commitment to collective liberation from dominant narratives, practices and policies that permit pervasive dehumanization and the exclusion of impacted people and communities from arenas of power that shape both public and private life.

Our approach to social and economic justice is intersectional, in that we understand how systemic injustices intersect and compound one another. Thus racial and economic justice are not “issue areas” in their own right, but are instead lenses through which we approach all our work.

Housing & Homelessness

Promoting comprehensive housing justice: affordable housing and homelessness prevention.

Police & Sheriff Reform

Working with partners for law enforcement reform and racial justice across San Mateo County.

Juvenile Justice

Advocating for a trauma-based rehabilitation model for juvenile justice.

LGBTQI+ Rights

Advancing the full rights and inclusion of LGBTQI+ people in San Mateo County.

Reproductive Rights

Providing a strong progressive religious voice in advocating for reproductive justice in a post Roe v. Wade society.

Environmental Justice

Understanding climate and ecological issues through an intersectional lens and working in partnership to support climate justice in our region.

Immigration Justice

Working tirelessly for immigrant rights and dignity in San Mateo County.

Trauma Response

Responding to traumatic events in our community, at both the personal and societal levels.