LGBTQI+ rights

LGBTQI+ Rights

We work to advance the full rights and inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in San Mateo County.

Rev. Terri Echelbarger

Working Group


Terri Echelbarger


  • Iain Stanford
  • Susan Holland
  • Brian Ferguson
  • Diane Fahrner
  • Nani Friedman
  • Ben Meyers
  • Michael Cronin


  • Letter to City Council of Foster City regarding Pride Flag
  • Transgender Day Of Remembrance
  • TransAction Day of Change
  • Several cohort members formed “Faith Partners supporting Coast Pride Center”


Editorials from the Cohort in the San Mateo Daily Journal.

Sessions & Presentations

Cohort sessions with a focus on LGBTQI+ rights include the following:

  • Inter-religious diversity and LGBTQI language with Dawn Neal and Teri Echelbarger
  • Presentation of LGBTQ Survey Results with Teri Echelbarger