Juvenile justice

Juvenile Justice

Advocating for a trauma-based rehabilitation model for juvenile justice.

Rev. Dr. Marlyn Bussey

Working Group


Marlyn Bussey


  • Penny Nixon
  • Terri Echelbarger


  • Connected members of the Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention Commission to the Social Justice and Agency class at Aragon High School, where they have been annual presenters for 3 years
  • Letter to DA Wagstaffe about not trying youth as adults
  • Attended a court hearing for a minor that the DA wants to try as adult
  • Meeting with DA Wagstaffe and community partners about not trying youth as adults
  • Meetings with Supervisor Canepa and community partners about not trying youth as adults

Sessions & Presentations

Cohort sessions with a focus on juvenile justice include the following:

  • Making San Mateo County the Most Compassionate County: Juvenile Justice and County Covid Response¬†with Danielle and Jessica Mullin, Monroe Labousse, Paul Bocanegra, David Canepa
  • Economic Justice/Schools and Communities First with Jennifer Martinez, Faith in Action Bay Area